March 2, 2007

My life has just gone down the drain, a friend just died and i broke up with my girlfriend, though when i broke up with Marcelle, i was surprised that i wasn’t as sad than what i expected to be because it wasn’t really a surviving relationship anyway because we weren’t getting along as much as we used to, and i think Marcelle’s standards were too high for me, i just couldn’t keep up with her! As much as it is a sort of relief of not being with her all the time, i am lost, as in now i don’t have a second person, she was pretty much my other half, because when i was with her i felt as though i could depend on her, but i think the time that i was with Marcelle, we did at some stage have aconnection, but when we were nearing the end, i could feel that we weren’t as connected as we used to be. I feel we broke up because Marcelle thought i wasn’t putting enough into the relationship as she wanted. She did have high expectations, and i wasn’t the one to fill them. Because i’m not someone to live up to other peoples standards.

I have also been suffering pretty bad from a friends death recently. His name was Trot, he was such a good fella and for the time that i knew him, he was a kind, caring, loyal, and he was so fun to be around. I wish something, anything could bring him back, i only knew him for a couple of weeks, though i wish i met him earlier in my life, we could of had so many more good times together. His life ended when i felt something in the bottom of my heart drop. He passed away in a car crash, i think this was an appropriate way for him to pass though, because he was in his hometown, and doing a think he loved the most, he was in his car. The funeral was a very good service, i think he would of been proud to see how many people showed up for him thst day, and what good things everyone had to say about him, not one bad word was spoken of him that day, and won’t be for a while. i’ll miss Trot, and its sad thinking that i only knew him for a period of time, and he made an impact on my life, in that short amount of time.


February 9, 2007

Q1. I think this article is suggesting, we have to be able to know about australia as a country e.g: learn the language and history! which is good i think, because there should be nobody australian, that does not know how to speak our language, or know about our country.

Q2. I think the introduction test, is to prove if you know enough about australia as you should, to be living in our country. Or if your wothy enough

February 9, 2007

I think to be un-australian will almost be racist!

Because we are a multi-cultural country, and if your against multi-culturalism, some will think this will be racist! to be un australian is to not be proud of your home land, your home country, the country you were brought up in, the country you rely on, not to fall apart, and to stick together when the going gets tough!

I think that you have to know about australia, have knowledge of our history, our language, and what we as a country… just what we are. We are an awesome country, and i dont know how someone can be un australian!

Stick together guys!


February 2, 2007

Q1. George Bernard Shaw said: ‘A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.’ How true is this of Andy? Was going to war a mistake?

Q2. Mateship is beyond price yet for those who have not fought together it is an elusive relationship. Discuss:

Q3. Research present-day views of WWI. Explore ANZAC Day celebrations, rememberance Day etc. Compare and contrast your views and knowledge obtained with what you find out during your research:

Q4. What does the title of the book mean to you? Which characters do you think it refers to?